One of the earliest enterprises engaged in the research, development and manufacture of robot vacuum cleaners in China

Global household robot vacuum cleaner research, development and manufacturing expert

Laboratory advantage

More than 90 special tests can be carried out in the 1,500m2 ultra-large scale laboratory. The laboratory has more than 200 sets of advanced testing equipment, which carry out various tests for robot vacuum cleaner products, such as routine testing, reliability testing, environmental testing, coverage testing, and safety certification testing.

Supply chain advantage

Silver Star has brought together the world’s top-notch supply chain resources helping to guarantee the high quality of Silver Star products. It makes great efforts to fully release the potential of scientific and technological intelligence, endow artificial intelligence with better technological innovation, help enterprises to create and give play to their global value and build a smart life system featuring household robots through the pursuit of high-quality products and the establishment of strategic partnerships.

Qualification advantage

Contributor to international/domestic standards for robot vacuum cleaners

National high-tech enterprise

Qualified corporate technology center and advanced intellectual products manufacturer in Shenzhen

Contributor to the international standards for service robots

Contributor to the Chinese standards for robot vacuum cleaners

Undertaker of the “Intelligent Household Service Robots” project under the China Torch Program and contributor to the IEC standards

Qualification honor

●2011年中華工商業聯合會 科技創新企業獎
● ...