Strong suction, automatic pressurization for carpet cleaning

It can intelligently identify the carpet and pressurize automatically. It is equipped with a floating middle sweeper which changes to suit the terrain, making it more suitable for differing floor environments to ensure more thorough cleaning, even coping with grooves and gaps.


Automatic recharge, break-point continuous cleaning

The cleaner memorizes the cleaning progress in real time, recharges automatically when the battery is low and then continues to complete the cleaning task after the battery is fully charged; there is no need to worry about omissions for large-area cleaning.



  • φ32.5×8.2
  • 視覺
  • 2600mAh
  • 90-1200mins
  • 130m2
  • 無刷電機
  • 1200Pa
  • 19V==600mA
  • 0.5L


  • 選配
  • 選配
  • 選配
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  • 標配
  • 標配
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